A double-PSA:

1) Bikewagon is selling a brand new in box Pike 29" DPA 120/150, RCT3 Charger 1 damper, 15 x 100mm fork for $550 shipped. They have one in stock and I'm about to return the one I bought so they'll have another soon. It's white uppers/lowers with black stanchions. And it's a 2016 A2 series, which isn't indicated in the product listing.

2) This thing is misadvertised as 15 x 110. It's not. It's 15 x 100 and it can't clear a plus width tire. I dunno when they'll fix it, as I called them and they were unaware of the mistake. (And they don't have any boost Pike 29 DPAs or Lyrik 29 DPAs in stock)

It's still a ridiculous deal for a brand new Pike A2 (Charger 1 RCT3 damper) if you need a 29" only 15 x 100 fork, and if you don't buy into the hate on the "travel adjust reliability" thread!