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    Roxa RX 130 TI

    After skiing in flexons for 30 years, I got some Roxa RX 130 TIs.

    I like them a lot; definitely on the burlier side of boots, supposedly a 130 flex. They have all the doodads, walk mode, tech fittings, ridiculously light and a ton of adjustments.

    Different design on the buckles: massive top strap.

    Also different flex adjustment: soft/stiff toggle.

    In stiff mode, backward flex in walk mode is limited, so this is not an 8000 foot vertical climb boot in that mode. It's better for lift assisted and shorter tours. Really good support in bounds and comfy, real comfy. I have a relatively high instep, flexons were a perfect fit. The Roxas have a better heel pocket than the flexons, heel hold is 100x better.

    Soft mode is much better for touring, much more flexible, particularly the rearward flex,

    The toggle on my model is virtually impossible to change with the boots on. I suggested they make this easier, then they have a winner. I can jury rig something to make it easier, but it would be a better overall out of the box solution.
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    I had the OG K2 Pinnacles which fit this description pretty well. After trying to find a tech boots for inbounds the last few years I'm thinking of bringing these out of the closet.

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    Bodacious were my touring boot for two winters, tech toes and no walk mode. Fitted OK, went uphill OK, skied well, I liked them. Current alpine boots are Ghost Max 130s with tech toes permanently attached (fits all of my Salomon alpine bindings), and I skin those on short stuff. Would buy them again; they fit and ski better than anything with a walk mode I've tried (currently own Hawx XTDs and Vulcans).

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