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    100 flex to 120 flex - Is it really that big of a difference?

    Currently wear Tecnica 100 flex Mach 1's 100mm last's. Have an opportunity to pickup a brand new pair of Tecnica Cochise 120 Flex 99mm lasts for $280.

    Since 100 is the highest flex I have worn, can I expect to see a substantial difference in the jump from 100 to 120? Or is it barely noticeable? Im 200 lbs so, I honestly may need 120 flex anyways.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Definitely noticeable, at 200 lbs the 120 will be much more appropriate.

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    Yeah, that'll make a big difference.

    Worth noting that I've found the Cochise's heel pocket to be a little looser, at least on my feet, than even the MV Mach1s. Definitely try them on before you buy.

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    Another thing to consider (and you can only do so in person and with the liners you'll be using) is how you interact with the boot cuff - whether or not you get shin bang.

    One of my earliest posts here was asking about how to soften up some Dynafit Titans. It ended up that by judicious buckling (matching up the tension on the 3rd & 4th buckle), I had much less "bite" at the top of the cuff and the boots no longer felt stiff.

    For the record, I'm currently on Lange XT 130 Freetours as well as Zero G Tour Pros (also 130) at 5'9", 165 Lbs.

    ... Thom
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