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    I have almost exclusively skied orange with metal toe cap Dynastar race room 186 LPs since the early/mid 2000s. Had a few pairs of DPs in there somewhere but only brought them out on the deepest of days.

    What years were the metal toe cap Dynastar race room LPs made?

    Ya know, this thread reminds me, I think I need a couple more pairs for safe keeping. Better start looking again....

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    Quote Originally Posted by couloirman View Post
    ...What years were the metal toe cap Dynastar race room LPs made?...
    I think built in 2005 for the 2015/16 winter release.

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    Some skis are better suited for longevity than others, some ski so damn well you keep skiing on them longer than maybe you ought to, but isn't all this somewhat relative? Like I'm 240 and I ski different than the next guy at 150. He might get five seasons @ 120 days out of a pair I might get two @ 50 days. Is that really apples to apples?

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