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    paging all cat owners and amateur vets- WTF, my cat has ring worms

    Our cat was recently diagnosed with non specific allergies and is on a special diet for a few weeks. Just received a call from our vet saying she has tested positive for ring worms, looks like to follow up email ended up in our junk mail. Needless to say the cat is more beloved than any of our kids and has free run of the house including our bed where she sleeps UNDER the covers ,cuddled up next to MOM or DAD. Wife is freaking out a bit about the whole decontamination and possible skin infections with humans. What's the real scoop here on treatment, mitigating the spores and possible human issues ?

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    Shoot the cat and stock up on lamisil.

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    Hutash to the white courtesy phone.
    watch out for snakes

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    paging all cat owners and amateur vets- WTF, my cat has ring worms

    I had ringworm when I was in grade school. It is a very common fungal infection. Couple things
    A) it is not a worm, they just call it that
    B) it is about as serious as athletes foot, in fact it is closely related.

    It is easily cured with anti-fungal medication. Don't freak out. Your kids will be just fine.

    Mayo Clinic says just use Over-The-Counter medication. Link says see a Dr. If after 2 weeks it does not clear up.

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    Ummmm Congratulations to the Cat????
    Mister Man! Mister Man! Mister Man. They left this card.

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