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    Fuck. Stay strong Robb, beat this thing.

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    Help Robb Gaffney

    Just seeing this. Sent some monetary support. Feel I owe the guy for entertaining me with his cinematic exploits. Chimney sweep!
    Wish him and his loved ones the best.
    Uno mas

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    Vibes man. Cancer sucks

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    You can help

    You can help support him and his family by donating...

    Rally for Robb Gaffney
    Robb was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow cancer known as Myelodysplastic Syndrome with Blasts. He has a high-risk version which has left him dependent on transfusions of red cells and platelets in order to stay alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosco View Post
    I wish him luck and hope his donor is an extremely good match. I would assume he didn't have a sibling with the same parents and blood type. My wife died from MDS. Not fun.
    Small clarification: full siblings (with the same parents) have a 1:4 chance of being a full immune blood type match, 1:2 chance of being a half match (which is enough for a transplant) and 1:4 chance of not matching at all.

    But it seems Gaffney has good unrelated matched donors available, which is a good thing.

    I'm sorry about your wife; it is a long tough road to travel, but Gaffney has a potentially curable condition.

    And if any of you aren't potential donors yet, sign up now - you could save someone's life at minimal risk and only mild inconvenience to yourself. Signing up is trivial, easily done, and does not commit you to donating if you are chosen as a potential donor.

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    ^^ word.

    my mind is not clear, but i distinctly remember watching dude in a movie and going wow. quiet stand out!

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