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    Mammoth in October

    I searched. Couldn't get it to work.

    Headed up to Long Valley for a fall bike/fish/beer drinking trip. We usually do LRC, but this year we want to ride Mammoth too. We have a couple of intermediate riders, so not looking for something super gnar, just something fun that the whole group will have fun on (all riders have done all of LRC just to give you an idea of skill level). Some of the group will want to climb, others will probably shuttle. Searching stuff on the web, it's hard to figure out what needs a pass, what doesn't, where best to park etc... Recs?

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    Depending on dates the mountain may be closed. Just ride it anyway. It's your national forest lands.

    Mammoth only has like 3 trails outside of the bike park. The mayweather thing off minaret summit is decent not that there's been some rain. Other options that include the mammoth rock trail are there.

    Other than that, trespass the bike park, trespass the ungodly amounts of wilderness, or drive to June lake and ride the 3 trails there, and then see the first part of this sentence.
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