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    Whistler 2019-2020 Meet ups; Blackcomb Shredfest; Backcountry; Beer

    Here's the scoop, y'all:

    I'll be in Whistler Jan. 15, 2020 to March 25, 2020 (possibly longer depending on season).

    I made an awesome friend in a local Canadian carpenter who is the best skier I've rode with... But there were certainly days I ski'd alone when he was working.

    So I'm throwing out this introduction to any maggots that will be bumming in Whistler to find new ski buddies. So you can get a better idea of my time in the mountains, here are some of my experiences:

    My Canadian buddy, Paul, has showed me some awesome gems on Blackcomb (Pun intended). We lap Spanky's and hit Ruby and Diamond bowls as much as possible. We also hit Bushrat off 7th when the conditions lean that way. I pretty much just try to follow Paul all over Blackcomb as his knowledge of the mountain is incredible.

    I've taken my Avi 1 course (American) and checked off some big BC lines/trips.

    Summit and ski Mt Shasta (California 14,300 ft)... check.
    Bloody Coulior (California 12,522 ft)... check.
    Mt. Humphreys North Coulior variation looker's right line (California 13,200 ft)... check.
    Mt Johnson Far lookers right North Coulior (California 12,800 ft)... check.
    6 day Evolution Basin Loop trip (California)... check.

    I've also been in a cornice break when skiing Harmony Ridge-Whistler. That experience was really great for me as I was able to retrieve my skis and ski away unhurt. It was great in that it taught me that the mountains ARE ALIVE, and that bad things can happen. Ever since then, my decision making took a shift in a positive direction. Giving the edge 6 feet saved my ass as I fell behind the cornice. Broke right underneath my feet.

    To add to the mountain life experiences, I also survived the final night in our 6 day loop trip by digging a snow cave to hunker down in a late spring storm in the Sierra. I was packing light with a BD bivvy, and we were supposed to get out that day. Staying 6 nights was not in the plan, but a mistake in navigation in finding Lamarck Col while a storm was rolling in created the snow cave situation as the BC bivvy was not up to par with the storm. What a glorious powder for our exit day though!

    This is my 4th year skiing as I'm from the South and skiing is not a thing. Add in the fact that my family was too poor for holiday breaks from school to Colorado, and I'm a late bloomer in the ski department. LOL. But, with my 4th season coming up, I should be nearing 350 days by the end of the season.

    Anyway, hoping to meet some more cool people in my return to Whistler this coming season. Let get after it in the BC out of Blackcomb! Let's slay inbounds! and Let's have a few Canadian beers and Tamales while we're at it! I will have 150 homemade tamales in my RV's freezer.

    So if you're in Whistler this season, let it be known!

    Best Mex
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