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    WTB: 180's twin 95sh mm.

    Something turny with a high speed limit and flames on the top sheet.

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    From the paint-your-own-flames-and-add-a-cm. department: I'm looking to sell a 179cm Liberty Helix 98. (It skis like Liberty's 182 cms freeride skis IMHO - 179 is the second longest length.)

    About 15 days use, drilled for Rottafella Freeride NTN bindings. I'd fill the holes if you want or leave. Good shape - no base damage, no edge damage, no core shots, edges intact and hand sharpened, obsessively waxed. Asking $150 shipped.

    If interested check the "Full Review" here: That pretty much matches my experience except the "Full Groomers" section. More than half of my time on this ski was patrolling on eastern hardpack. Never held back getting to the scene; it's solid at any speed and holds an edge fine.

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    I have a set of Rossi Scratch BC 186, they are 96mm waist, no flames, two mounts (one for custom swap plates, should be lots of room left), $50

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