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    Experiment: ski boot liner hack. Intuition foam/Canadian Tire plastic bucket tongues

    Dramatic times at the Ghettowerx lab. Sick and tired of the shitty feeling fit of upper cuff/tongue/shin/laterally uneven pressure distribution on my ski touring boots. Twas time to get drastic and add some plastic. The idea was a 2/3rds circumference of material centred on the centre of shin would produce the feel and more seamless power transfer I'm looking for. Thick Intuition foam and Can Tire 5 buck plastic bucket for the... (can't say "win" just yet...)

    Work in progress. Initial basement flex feel even with components unsecured, unmolded and rough cut, the damn fit, feel and flex feels way mo betta while doing a/b comparos with the stock boot/liner combo.

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    The old pickle boots for the win.
    Leather booted Tele Racers used to make highbacks with the same raw materials.

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    Return of the Steincomps!

    I boiled my thermometer, and sure enough, this spot, which purported to be two thousand feet higher than the locality of the hotel, turned out to be nine thousand feet LOWER. Thus the fact was clearly demonstrated that, ABOVE A CERTAIN POINT, THE HIGHER A POINT SEEMS TO BE, THE LOWER IT ACTUALLY IS. Our ascent itself was a great achievement, but this contribution to science was an inconceivably greater matter.


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    This is the kind of content you canít get on AlpineZone.

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    Update: Operation "subtract and add" foam to my liners has now been completed. One piece top pressure pad for the forefoot, shaped and heat molded. Compared to stock liner, a bit more even vertical pressure on top of foot while allowing space in the instep for hypothetically more free ankle articulation while forward flexing. Onto the finishing work.

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