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    Knee Compression Sleeve Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on compression sleeves for the knee, while skiing. Not looking for knee braces, with a hinge. Nothing is torn in my knees yet, but I can feel them getting weaker.

    I've searched and haven't found anything. If you can point to a thread where this is already covered I'll delete this one. Obviously searching for anything "knee" related on TGR gives a billion results.

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    I wear this one from Amazon on my acl'd knee because I have a tendency to deal with IT strains. This keeps it warmed up and helps my kneecap stay aligned when the it issue flares.

    My stepson also wears the same one for soccer when his tendinitis flares.

    It has a rubber section on the inner upper area which helps keep it from sliding down. It still works its way down and needs occasional adjustment but for $15 it works for me...ymmmv.

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    I use Rehbands for heavy leg day but at 7mm thick they might be a bit much for skiing.

    Rehband Knee Support Sleeve - 7051-7mm - Blue - XSmall - 1 Sleeve

    I think they make a 5mm version too

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    I've been happy with their compression sleeves, thought I'd give a knee sleeve a go

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    Been skiing with these McDavids off Amazon for $20 each for the last five great. Keep the knees warm and comfortable on top of the support they provide.

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    I've used the Pro Orthopedic neoprene sleeves for several years and been pretty happy with 'em. I get a size smaller so I gotta grunt to get 'em on in the AM but they keep everything nice & tight and of course warm. If you call 'em up they have a thicker version that is not listed on their website.
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