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    Cape Alava Loop (WA)

    This hike is located near the tiny community of Sekiu on the Olympic Peninsula and is really two hikes in one: a forest stroll and a walk on the beach take the Cape Alava Trail out to the beach and back for a 6.2 mile hike, or continue south along the beach to connect up with the Sand Point Trail for a 9.4 mile loop.

    Cape Alava Loop (Ozette Triangle)

    The Ozette Triangle Trail In Washingon Leads To Incredibly Scenic Views
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    hike is good, especially in forest and along a beach

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    It looks very cool. And most importantly, it is deserted and very calm here. A great place for introverts and just to be alone when needed. I love such wild places where there are a minimum of people and a maximum of unpolluted nature.

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