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    Quote Originally Posted by FigureEleven
    Along similar lines... Once upon a time on a hut trip, I wandered out to the poo shed around 2 in the AM. The poo shed was more or less in an open air shed adjacent to the cabin. When i got there my flashlight revealed a shimmering mountain of frozen solid poo that had grown well above the seat. The wildest part was that the moisture in the air had mixed with the poo pile to creat some pretty amazing surface hoar. It was beyond mesmerizing.
    We named it the shit-cicle and all added our own topography to the monolith.
    I really hope you didn't dig a pit.

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    Some of the worst porto-potties I ever saw were at the Phish concert in Plattsburgh, NY - The Clifford Ball. Shitter after shitter with dukie mountains piled 1-2 feet over the top off the seat. Yes, FEET! It was 90+ degrees out after 3 days of 100,000 people shitting in these things, and just the thought of the stench continues to make me gag. People thought it was hilarious to push them over at this point. I'm glad I wasnt one of the people camped right across from them as the nasty blue ass sludge ran downhill towards their campsites.

    This experience soured me on portajohns forever. I will never use one again. Thank god for Imodium.
    Ski like no one is watching!

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    Arts County Fair at UBC has a similar problem. There are about forty or fifty johns, but probably 10 000 drunk-ass college students trying to get in them all at once, so naturally no one's gonna wait in line to take a piss, because that would require enough thinking ahead to get in line about 10 minutes before critical mass. So of course, everyone migrates over to the adjacent chainlink fence. The problem is, the fence is at the top of a little ten-foot slope, so after about an hour of people constantly pissing on this fence (yes, girls included), the entire slope becomes saturated with piss, and of course, every ten minutes or so some drunk-ass college student tries to stumble up the slope, slips and falls flat-faced into the runny piss-mud. "You know what this is?" they slur, "It's pissssssss, maaaaaan!"
    Good times.

    edit- whoops, I forgot this thread was about pinching a loaf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Send
    pissing on this fence
    flashback to the "betcha you won't pee on the electric fence" dare.

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    How did this get to three pages?
    “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
    Hunter S. Thompson

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    Quote Originally Posted by The AD View Post
    I certainly don't let anything touch the floor if at all possible.

    This topic reminds me, though. Don't you hate it when you have to take a dump while skiing? The combination of ski boots, long underwear and ski pants makes it very difficult to 'assume the position.'
    And don't leave out suspenders (for those of us that use them) !
    The thought for the week is if you want to know who loves you the most lock your wife and the dog in the trunk of your car and see how they react when you let them out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Core Shot View Post
    How did this get to three pages?
    This thread is so full of shit.

    I miss the days when this place made me laugh. Loving the bumping of these old threads.

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