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    Jenny Creek-Eldora

    Does anyone know if there is any legal way to access the Jenny Creek trail from the Eldora side, even if it involves some bushwacking?

    I know that Eldora in the past has allowed access but my understanding is that is no longer the case. Does Eldora allow hiker access if no bikes are involved? Any info is appreciated.

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    your vacation
    there is trails and service roads that connect jenny to eldora
    there is/was a trail from above yankee doodle lake to the top of eldora too, which wasn't legit, not sure if it's still there, haven't ridden there in twenty years
    I"m sure it's all off limits these days since eldora is so iconic

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    Interesting that I was just reading and wondering the same thing tonight. From Trail Run Project:

    “This trail crosses private land and is not open for use when Eldora Mountain Resort is closed to the public. Access in the summer is only available from Rollins Pass Road.

This trail is for winter use only when snow covered.”

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