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    More Heli terrain in the Cordova Alaska area?

    Public Comment Sought for Heli-skiing Temporary Permits on Cordova Ranger Dist.

    In the hay-days of Valdez Heli-skiing there was a lot of user conflict. Too many operators going for the same runs, sled and skier access conflicting with helo access. Since those days things have better managed, Points North being a good example. This just seems like a very small public comment period (August 16-30) at a time when not many skiers are paying attention.

    I am not a user of the proposed area, but think more use area results in less user conflict. If you are a user, you might want to comment. Den

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    Hard to tell from the tiny illegible map, but it looks like significant chunks of this are terrain that has been vacated since Deano lost his mind. You can expect VHSG and PNH to be all over this.

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