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    Quote Originally Posted by Jais View Post
    Hello. I want to smoke my first ATV. Please tell me how to choose the right one? Also check by VIN number?
    From my point of view, an ATV should have a four-stroke engine, an injector and quality suspension and shock absorbers. These are the basic components that will provide you with a pleasant ride.

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    Brightest Bike Light

    Hi, I think you should add a bike light. What about the 3600 Lumens? It can be used for Professional Cycling as well.

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    Here are the optimal parameters for the flashlight:

    Power: 108W
    Working voltage: 10-30V DC
    Light source: LEDs
    Lifetime of light source: up to 50,000 hours
    Luminous Flux: 8100 lumens at 12V
    Color temperature: 6000K

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    a poop plant
    Quote Originally Posted by muted View Post
    this is a weird thread
    Fucking weirdest ever. Holy shit.

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    Right now, I would recommend choosing the Honda Foreman TRX 520. It differs from the earlier TRX 500 model in that it has a more powerful single-cylinder 518cc engine with more torque, which gives it an advantage in speed and off-road capability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ill-advised strategy View Post
    Atv...dirtbike...I want a honda fatcat.
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    I’ve got two of these. Such a blast.

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    Holy crap, this thread is a real bot-magnet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2FUNKY View Post
    The Yamaha TW200 is what you seek. Way better Ride than the fat cat. The Yamaha is an amazing trail bike. I had mine completely kitted with all of the racks available and that thing would absolutely haul a load. Wish I never sold it just to many hobbies.
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    Those things are popular and spendy around here.

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