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    How about ATV driving?

    Hi there! I'm a newcomer here, just wanna ask you about your experience with kids gas ATV. Is it ok for 10 years old son? He got pedal kart a few years ago, then a scooter, now he wants more and faster so we are thinking of ATV. What brand would you recommend for beginners? All terrain thick tires and remote key would be a plus. Thanks!

    Well, I decided to update my post just FYI. So I've been looking for a gas ATV which both my wife and son would like and it was not so hard as we expected. After reading dozens of forums and posts like this one (a pretty good one detailed review) we decided to buy an Ice Bear (because of Spider Man design lol) with thick tires that looks like a real ATV. Now my wife is happy, my son is happy, that's the main point. The ATV is solid, it comes with remote kill switch so I can control the ATV from the distance (and my son won't know about it).Yeah I know there are lots of claims about injuries and even deaths but we're not gonna get wild with driving, just fun in a safe speed putting on a solid helmet as well!​​​​

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