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    First Bikepacking Trip - Help Me Remember the Little Things

    Have my first bikepacking trip coming up in a few weeks, going to do a short section of the Green Mountain Gravel Growler. 3 days 150 miles so the riding shouldn't be much of an issue, and am an experienced backpacker so the camping shouldn't be either. But I've never put the two together before, so what little things are there that I may be forgetting / wouldn't occur to me?

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    Pack everything you would normally take on a backpacking trip. And then pack everything you would normally take on a long bike ride. And go!

    Hard to say what you'd think of or not. I usually forget a few different things every time I go. One of the main things if you're using a different pack than normal is to make sure everything transfers over to the one you'll be using. I had a bikepack cut short a couple years ago 20 miles in when I found I had a slow leak and the presta side of my reliable-for-10-years-pump suddenly stopped working. My CO2 and presta/schraeder adaptor didn't make it into my pack. Had to limp back out. If I had those items with me I could have continued.

    Make sure you've got all your normal tools/spares for a ride. Take less clothing than you think you'll need (ie don't need changes of clothing, just a dry layer for camp). Take whatever you'll need for food/cooking. If there are re-supply places, use those rather than carrying extra food. If there are good resupply options I don't bring a stove anymore. Did the whole AZT without one. Though its nice to have if you're not doing long days. Don't forget things like sunscreen, bug spray, bug net, shammy cream, chapstick, shit kit, wet wipes, spoon, lighter, etc. It helps to just think through your day and each specific activity you'll be doing, and what you'll need to do that. Don't sweat it if you forget something. Mooch off your friends or pick it up along the way. Have a friend who always forgets to bring chain lube and sunglasses. We always charge extra for those when he does.

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    You will definitely overpack regardless, then bring about half the shit on your second trip from the first trip.

    I like having my alcohol cat food can stove, although I agree that it's bulky to carry with the small pot and fuel.

    I went on a binge when I moved to Oregon and bought a few nice bike-specific bags. My friend has a rear rack and just rolls and straps everything to the rack and front handlebar. Somehow I end up carrying some of his stuff though...

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