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That is effing ignerant.

Had to check out our Pano cabin after 8 weeks away. Drive out Sat, arrived 5 PM, grilled steak and tater dinner, bottle of wine in the deck, and headed home next day after doing a bunch of changeover and chores. Glorious night Sat. I sat outside with wine and cigar until 10:30.

A lot of the mountain businesses are closed. The Cabin bar isn’t even opening until the ski season now. But some services opening. Take out food, etc.

Headed home Sunday afternoon. Hadn’t brought out a full breakfast and was banking on A&W being open, but it wasn’t. So Timmy sandwich in car. Lots of Alberta plates there this weekend.

Sunday, driving past Lake Lillian, you’d never know there was a pandemic. The inner lot was packed, as was the roadside lot with overflow. Distancing? Nope.

The mayor and Invermere town council keep sending emails asking folks to stay away. I get notices from golf courses to “come play”. They need to get a consistent message out. Businesses need to survive. The hospital needs to not be overwhelmed. However reality is that if I got sick last Saturday, I am driving to Calgary for care. As would most.

We have kept a lid on this thing so far. Now we need to ensure ways with limited contact and some restrictions, we can allow this world to start functioning again in a fashion.

But those ignorant add homes need to be taught a lesson.
I agree there are mixed messages and its causing friction between people who are following the government "request" and people who are not. It needs to start with the Provincial government. Border is open or closed, pretty simple and Enforce it if it's closed.
Imo we need and should be open for business. There is nothing for a cure any time soon and we can't go any longer financially being closed. Health care should be prepared now if shit hits the fan.

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