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Thread: Hiking in Japan

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    Hiking in Japan

    Anyone have any good resources on hiking in Japan? Going to be there in September with my wife. Not looking necessarily for specific recommendations, but would love to find a reliable site with information like:
    * trailhead location
    * roundtrip or one way distance
    * elevation gain

    Proximity to Japan Rail would be nice to know also. Most of the google results seem uber touristy and my Japanese is ah, not the best. Ideally looking for what fit western states types might consider a hike (eg, 8-15 miles RT and 3-6k' vertical) rather than a 2 mile 500' paved walk...

    Ideally a resource to search on our own would be ideal. Otherwise... anything westish / southish of Tokyo...

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    I donít know how good this site and its related guidebook are but it seems solid:

    Iíve never hiked in Japan in summer but skied a decent bit in the Kita Alps and Iíd love to return to check them out without skis some day. Itís only two or three hours from Tokyo to Nagano via Shinkansen and then renting a car is probably simplest. But there are trains and buses that service just about everywhere; you may just have to wait a while and it might not be convenient, for remote trailheads especially. is fairly comprehensive for figuring out train and bus schedules. If you are going to rent a car itís pretty easy but you need to get an international drivers license from AAA before you leave.

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