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    Quote Originally Posted by shirk View Post
    Is there a pool where we get to pick when it will get cut again?

    I give it 9 months after it's up and running again.
    Yep. Just find out which insurance company is backing them this time. Then short their stock the month you think Edward Abbey will return to Squamish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puregravity View Post
    They didn't read the policy before signing it? Are they suing both insurers? Maybe someone can make sense of this.
    I don't understand how the law works where the Queen is involved, but down here in anarchy land,

    1. Insurers are required to provide a certain amount of notice in a specific way before terminating/not renewing coverage, and

    2. Insurance agents can be held liable if an insured requests specific coverage and the insurance agent agrees but fails to acquire that coverage.

    Totally unsurprising that there are lawsuits given the amount of money at issue here. If the thing remains insurable on any level I wouldn't be surprised if its premiums go through the fucking roof and if all insurers decline to provide business interruption or property loss insurance. Seems like a great way for an underwriter to get shit-canned.

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