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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Hubbs View Post
    Investigation time
    Financial assessment on how or if they can afford to fix it
    Insurance approval time for new purchases
    Ordering the new haul rope (this needs to be manufactured upon request, and needs to be put in the production queue)
    Ordering the new cabins (these need to be manufactured upon request, and needs to be put in the production queue)
    Logistics of shipping a 120 tonne cable spool
    Removal of the old cable
    Receiving and unloading new cable
    Positioning and pulling the new 120 tonne cable
    Splicing the new 120 tonne cable
    Shipping and unloading 30 gondola cabins
    Stinging new gondola cabins
    Testing new cabins and adjusting spacing of new cabins
    Load testing new system
    Scheduling inspections from government authorities.

    Which one of these processes do think is a quick and easy job?
    In stating "Had you asked me when the cable was first cut, I would have guessed this thing would have been solved by now", I was referring to the criminal investigation and nothing more. In retrospect, I realize that my assumption of basic reading comprehension skills by the denizens of this place was misguided.

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    Lee Lau - xxx-er is the laziest Asian canuck I know

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    It's open, who is taking their honey for a Valentines day ride?


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    I bought seasons passes for the family today, looking forward to being able to get up there more frequently. It got chopped a couple months after we moved down here.

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    Wow, they got that fixed quickly.
    watch out for snakes

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    Rode it again! Good vibes.

    It's still fast and slow like before. Every time there is a wind gust, they slow it down. All you need to do to see if the slow down was caused by wind is look at the cars passing over the first steep ridge. If there is some swinging, that's why they slowed the system. It was actually going a bit faster than I remember last year. I also noticed, sometimes when it slows, there is a wave in the wire that causes a sort of mini-whiplash as the system speed pulse passes through the system.

    Anyhow, this accident would have seemed to be the perfect time to replace the cars with grips that use a spring instead of a torsion tube, or find some tower sheave modification to ensure that the assembly won't collide when cars swing at a critical angle. Obviously, they don't think this is a problem. Surely watching the wind and changing the speed of the system constantly is a sub-optimal solution.

    I'm happy for them to be up and running. The staff look pumped and it looks like all the snowshoers and backcountry skiers are pretty pumped about it too.
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    There is some pretty fantastic skiing back there.

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