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Thread: Soundtracks

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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinFromSA View Post
    Indeed. What a classic! That is a REALLY great movie to crank the speakers up to 11.
    First time i saw it was on a hilltop above a drive-in-theater (memba those), listening in on a boombox, whilst tripping balls - spectacular!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downbound Train View Post
    And there will come a day when our ancestors look back...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNWbrit View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by SumJongGuy View Post
    ...Heavy Metal The Motion Picture...
    This is the movie I have seen the most over the years (with the exception of Sam Pekinpah's The Wild Bunch). Also one of the first "R" rated films I remember as a kid (the others were Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Risky Business and The Road Warrior)

    I have the soundtrack on the original cassette I bought in the '80s, plus on vinyl and CD.

    The two Cheap Trick tracks alone (some of their best work, imho) are worth the price of admission.

    Plus the two tracks from Riggs ("Heartbeat" and "Radar Rider") are kick-ass. They never put an album out, to the best of my knowledge, which is a bummer. Classic '80s rock.
    "Man, we killin' elephants in the back yard..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinFromSA View Post
    And of my absolute favorite comics, movies and soundtracks from the 90s? TANK GIRL!!!!

    –Stomp - Ripper Sole
    –Björk - Army Of Me
    –Devo - Girl U Want
    –The Magnificent Bastards - Mockingbird Girl
    –L7 - Shove
    –Hole - Drown Soda
    –Bush - Bomb
    –Portishead - Roads
    –Joan Jett And Paul Westerberg - Let's Do It
    –Belly - Thief
    –Veruca Salt - Aurora
    –Ice-T - Big Gun
    This should've been the version on the soundtrack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by m0ee70 View Post
    This should've been the version on the soundtrack!
    What's wild is that the lady who did the vocals on the (better IMO) version in the intro commented in the YouTube video!!! Apparently a woman named Jula Bell.

    "In answer to your question--I am the mystery girl singing this duet with Devo not Lori Petty. I just never got a credit on the film. Back then my name was Jula Bell."
    "I recorded it and they also recorded a version without me as well. I was told that the version that I sang was chosen last minute for the movie by the director, so that is why I didn't make it into the credits. "

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