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    Mellow mtn bike trip vancouver/squamish for the wife

    Any mellow rides or tours i could drag the wife out on? Maybe a 10 mile rolling downhill descent or something like that? Last time I brought someone out here, they ended up in the hospital so shes a little hesitant.

    More of a scenic ride than a full on DH trip.

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    maybe an out and back on Elfin Lakes and then Meadow of the Griz or Galactic in Squamish?

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    In North Van you could ride out the fire road in LSCR and back on the Fisherman's trail along the Seymour River. Nice mellow scenic ride, but maybe too mellow?

    I don't recall a lot of easy trails around Squamish. Elfin Lakes is nice but that's a tough climb and usually tons of hikers. Maybe there is something near Alice Lake. Or go up to Whistler and ride the Lost Lake trails.

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    In Squamish the kids trail is Wonderland right next to the highway but in the trees. Not scenic but you can arrange for her to be at the high point near Alice Lake then pedal up to be with her then ride back down to the vehicle. It's beautiful forest

    In North Van

    -Fisherman's trail per evdog on Seymour

    Roadside Attraction on Fromme

    Anything scenic will take some effort to get to and not be mellow riding down

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