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    Quote Originally Posted by Ottime View Post
    That is the whole point of picking up these small east coast hills. Add to the Stowe and all the options of going out west, then you might just choose epic instead of skiing your other small hill option nearby that does not include anything but a small north east hill.
    Skiers should be wealthy enough to buy passes for both Epic and their local hill. If not, then I suggest re-evaluating the economics of their dental practice.

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    I dunno about that. Pretty much all dentist around here and most of yíall sound like dirtbags living out of a van buying up cheap used gear. With fluoride and hygiene, dentistry just doesnít pay what it used to.

    Guess it is time to prescribe some root canals just to make ends meet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveTV View Post
    Hotter and colder, all at once. You know those "Hot New Jersey Italian babes".
    Excuse me, I believe the term is "chicas"
    No longer stuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by stuckathuntermtn View Post
    Just an uneducated guess.

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