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    Quote Originally Posted by mtngirl79 View Post
    We had deals with all the restaurants in town where we would trade pizza for whatever they had. It was awesome.

    I delivered for a wing joint, a pizza place and Jimmy John's. Got the best trade action while I was at the pizza place. Austin's Pizza in, well, Austin. Good pie, at least back then.

    The wing joint I worked at had pretty solid wings and other chicken parts. My buddy's working there and he's got a lazy eye. We screw up a to go order and nobody's hungry and its about closing time so my buddy goes across the street to a dorm and asks some guy in the lobby if he wants the wings. Guy says "what, did eating them mess up your eye?" My buddy says "yeah. Did you eat something that made you short?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider View Post
    For a couple years there, the dominos guy was also my weed guy, and it was glorious.
    Did he get busted or die from diabetes first?

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    At least they're just sampling it as opposed to licking it and then putting it back in the container...
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    Thanks to this thread I am now getting pop up ads on my phone for Uber Eats.

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