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Thread: Foyle's War

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    Foyle's War

    Touched on this series in another thread. VERY GOOD! Michael Kitchen as DCS Foyle is amazing.


    Foyle's War

    As World War II rages on, criminals try to take advantage of the resulting chaos. In Hastings, they aren't having much luck, thanks to Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. As Foyle's son Andrew, a fighter pilot in the RAF, fights the enemy at war, Foyle battles the black market, profiteering and murder on the home front. He is dogged in his pursuit of justice, honest to a fault and frequently underestimated by his opponents. Following the war, Foyle takes on a new role as a senior intelligence officer, and he focuses his attention on the world of espionage in support of Britain's security and defence.

    From the Wikipedia link above:

    The series is notable for its attention to historical detail, and the drama is frequently moved along by historical events of the Second World War. Horowitz considered that to honour the veterans of the war it was important to get the details correct. As the series progressed, he became more interested in the "murder mystery" format than the portrayal of history and exploration of the Home Front. However, the Imperial War Museum is credited in an advisory capacity in some episodes
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    Watched it a few years ago. Yeah, good show. Found out there was actually 8 seasons and 28 episodes. Donít think Prime had all the seasons when I watched it before, unfortunately. I need to check if they are all available now.

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