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    Bicep Tendinitis/SLAP Tear, Rotator Cuff -- Upcoming Surgery

    Hey ladies and gents --

    Haven't been on the forum in a little bit, and in the gimp central since my big shoulder separation/AC Joint/CC ligament replacement surgery a couple years go. was hoping to not be back so soon, but here I am.

    This time it is the same shoulder as the previously repaired one. Cannot pin point it to one specific fall, and doc says its usually a combo of overuse and accidents. Noticed the bicep pain the most after falling off an air at Whitefish in early March. Did 2 months PT -- only made it worse. Cortisone shot last week for temporary relief.

    Doc says he is hopefully he can just cut the bicep tendon, drill it into the hummerus and call it a day. Fingers crossed the Labrum/Rotator cuff isn't worse.

    Delaying surgery until after labor day -- want to use my DH season pass at least a couple times, and finish up the Firefighter classes I am currently in. They don't seem to make it worse, but again, a fall could change that.

    Nothing really else -- just in that super bummed out phase (knowing it could be way worse, so all good). Its the nature of the game we all play. Just back on here to get hyped and keep the positive vibes. Cheers and if anyone has any experience, any input is welcome. Surgery is in Philly area, doc seems solid.

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    Dood. Check out my CBD cream thread below. MRI showed I had all the same issues in my shoulder, ie, tore r/c off, tore my labrum, doc was gonna pin my bicep tendon to the bone. a/c joint was fucked up, etc.

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    Eleven years ago inline speed skating in the road I hit a drain cover that I didn't see and supermaned through an intersection, landing on both hands (with wrist guards) outstretched in front of me. I did symmetrical bilateral SLAP tears of the labrums that were both flipped over and pinned under the superior gleno-humeral ligaments. Doc had to cut the bicep tendons off and screw them into the humerus on both arms. PT popped an adhesion in the left one and caused it to bleed all the way down to my elbow. My whole arm was black. I didn't go back and on the right one I thought I could take care of it myself. Today the left one is pretty good but the right one gives me the same kind of pain I had before the surgery with limited ROM and shooting nerve pain straight down through the middle of my deltoid. It's really not as bad as it was before and I don't want another surgery of any kind if I can help it. So I'm dealing with it best I can. I live in Japan now so unfortunately, CBD is out of the question. Good luck, take drugs, and get the best PT you can. I was an idiot thinking I could go it alone and am paying the price now.

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