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Thread: Easy Floats

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    Easy Floats

    Just got a new Clacka and I'm teaching the lady how to row & catch fish. Maiden voyage was on the lower Hank this weekend, and hit a great drake hatch! Any recommendations for easier floats? We're based in SLC, but like to travel and see new water, camping on the river is a plus. Here's what we've done in a drift boat:

    -Snake in GTNP from Dam to park HQ
    -Green below Flaming Gorge (A&B)
    -Henrys Fork Ora/Chester/Fun Farm (this was her favorite so far due to ease of rowing & quality of fishing)

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    South Fork could be fun. If you ran Deadman's to Moose in the park you've already moved beyond 'easy'...
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    Remember when dories started to get popular with the public. Ran section A on the Green and counted three wrapped or sunk dories.

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    high water push is done below the gorge
    should be normal summer 2kish flows
    i wouldnt classify red creek as easy at any flow
    down stream from that thru browns park till ladore would be easy
    as is the river of the prairie hen hood above the gorge
    which is still cranking but easy at high flows unless you fuck up
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    Upper green has some easy floats too if you head this way.
    From Daniel hatchery down to sommers ramp is fairly tame. A few diversion dams but nothing dangerous. The guide hatch is about to start there tho.
    Warm river to Ashton on the Henry’s fork is pretty and fairly straight forward to navigate. The biggest obstacles on that stretch can be boats! But it’s a cool float.

    If you handled the A and B you’d probably have no problem with Pritchard to west table on the snake. Upper canyon. Stretch before the whitewater. Well used and marked boat ramps. A few fun splashy wave trains.

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