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Thread: Paris Hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timberridge View Post
    ...If the catacombs are too crowded, perhaps pop over to Jim Morrison's grave...
    You'll be able to smell where before you see Jimmy at rest and you don't even have to bring your own.

    You could fit half the populace of Paris in the Louvre and still be alone. HVAC system works well. Controlled atmosphere with 4 fresh air changes an hour.
    "knowledgeable in escapades of the flesh"

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    Paris Hot

    This could be a good thing. Maybe every Frenchman and woman will be taking (albeit cold) showers all this week.

    I kid because itís funny. And because some 5í French guy tried to steal my hookup right out from under me one time when I was 20. How that guy didnít get tossed out on his ear is still confusing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BmillsSkier View Post
    Everything will smell like urine.
    So more of a New Orleans than a Houston?
    No longer stuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by stuckathuntermtn View Post
    Just an uneducated guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stu Gotz View Post
    Iíll be in Paris next week and it looks like 100+ for a few days.
    I don't know man, I saw the video and Paris looked pretty frigid to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by XXX-er View Post
    the situation strikes me as WAY too much drama at this point

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