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    What to do near Anchorage for a couple days

    I'm going to be in Anchorage for a couple days in early August for work. I'm going to have a whole day the day before my work commitment, work the next morning, then the rest of the day free until I fly out at 8 at night. I'll have a car. What should I go do for some hikes or something? Also where should I stay that isn't too expensive- my work's downtown but I don't need to stay there. Thanks-

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    Drive up to Hatcher's Pass. Go for a hike. Maybe do a flight seeing tour out of somewhere. Does Girdwood do downhilling?
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    You could drive up to Wasilla and go to the Fred Meyer and look for members of the Palin clan.

    Or go down to Girdwood and check out Alyeska. They run some lifts in the summer but I don't know if they rent bikes. Not too far from Anchorage and a pretty drive.

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    Hatcher Pass no s. That is a good suggestion. The hiking is endless. A short fairly popular hike is the ridge around Summit Lake, Hatch Peak. Views of the Chugach, Talkeetnas, Alaska range, out to the Aleutians. Many longer hikes easy accessible also. Svengali"s suggestions are solid. Bike park could be the after work day. Bush opens at 4 so you can fit that in for an evening activity.
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    You can stay out by the airport, good restaurants, convenient shopping etc. We picked Aspen Suites, which was $139 per day, and at the mid/low range but clean.

    Day trip? Girdwood is definitely fun, and also close to the Portage Glacier which has both a nice hike and a cruise available to view it.

    Watch the bore ride come down Turnagain Arm and see the surfers ride it at Bird Point.

    Head further down the road to Hope, AK and find some off grid coffee shops, fishing and hiking.

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