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    Still trying to figure out car replacement, preferably a wagon. Using an old civic loaner for now while I ponder possibilities. I appreciate all the wisdom, thoughts, humor and near-humor. A limited edition 420 Saab writes its own jokes. Was not aware of transmission issues with 99-05 Hondas. Thanks especially to Saab drivers who walked away and those who persevered.

    What should be an easy decision (choosing between a Honda or Toyota product) has me considering all sorts of counter intuitive options (expensive repair vehicles from Sweden). A 9-5 Wagon would be fine and I have a parts car. My brother (euro-snob taste but owns Tacoma and Prius) suggested Volvo V70. One of these weeks I'll choose between sensible and less than sensible but seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time.

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    but i digress, the mini-van plan is on my radar.
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    Unlikely. And headlights are upgraded too.

    Quote Originally Posted by simple View Post
    A new Toyota Corolla would beat your modded 97 Saab. And it has better headlights.
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    If I lived in WA, Oft would be my realtor. Seriously.

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