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    Jesus, someone buy these already! Iím doing all kinds of bike math (equation always ends with me broke), to justify buying these.

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    So anyone wanna buy these puppies?

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    Muted hooked me up with these the other day for a helluva price. I did some more research and idk if it makes sense for me to build these up myself (I'm a wheel building noob and all my hubs are 32h).

    So, I wanted to offer this back to the TGR community with a bit more info in case this would work out for someone else. Full disclosure: I have the rims listed for sale on KSL/PB for closer to market value -- but would prefer to keep these in the family if possible.

    The rims are indeed as muted said -- basically perfect. The 1 rim we thought we could register for warranty unfortunately can't be registered. Here are the spoke lengths (Sapim CX-Ray):
    13x 286
    27x 288
    14x 290

    These spoke lengths match DT Swiss 240 / 180 CL hubs. Enve has a master spoke length chart on their website if you want to investigate, but it seems the other DT Swiss variants (e.g. 6 bolt rotor) may not work. Not sure on the 350 since Enve is so high end they dont have that on their chart.

    Also included is 28 enve nipples and a enve tubeless kit.

    Happy to answer any questions!

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