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    My first Vlog - Running a 100 Mile Ultra Marathon! - GPS Watch Giveaway!

    Hey gang, when I'm not skiing or ice climbing I'm running. With spring weather rolling in in the North East shit is getting real. I'm currently training for my first 100 mile ultra marathon at the Vermont 100 Endurance Race. I decided to get outside my comfort zone and film a series of Vlogs about my journey.

    Oh yeah, I'm also literally giving away a GPS Smartwatch / Fitness tracker. This was a review unit that I no longer need so I'm going to pay it forward to someone who does. To enter the giveaway you need to subscribe to my youtube channel and also subscribe to (at the bottom of the page).

    Or just watch this video where I spell it all out! Let me know what you think. Who else is an ultra runner?

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    Good job! How long have you been running?

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