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    Gaijin, what do you end up doing?

    I have a couple of days on the Fischer 102fr now (with P18s). Chalky 'NZ variable' conditions, and they were actually very good. Skied those and my Dynastar Pro Riders, and while the Pro Riders were of course much more damp and missile-like, the 102fr held their own. A good little test for them.

    They felt lively and light under my feet, but still allowed me to ski fast and with big turns. Not teeth-rattling by any means.

    More next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaijin View Post
    Thanks for the insight. I'll be keeping the Rens as my storm day ski. A Wren 108ti is very intriguing as a single do-it-all, but that rocker profile just looks too big. I'd rather have two other pairs. A firm snow/crud arcing machine and a dedicated touring ski. Basically, the Billy Goat is out. The M5 is still on my radar for the resort slot.

    Kinda thinking--
    -My Renegade for storm days.
    -M5 + CAST for all mountain and melt/freeze short side country.
    -Something 110ish with traditional camber & mild tip/tail rocker + CAST or Tecton for mid winter touring. Maybe even a Raven or a Hoji as I love my Renegade/reverse camber in soft snow. I just get sketched out traversing reverse camber on icy entrances above major faces. Actually, I hate that. Hence-- the desire for traditional camber underfoot.

    What's the ~110mm ski with 2mm of camber and mellow tip/tail rocker? No metal needed. Fuck, no carbon needed either.

    "No metal needed. Fuck, no carbon needed either"

    Maybe Volkl 100eight, subtle reverse camber, less taper possibly won't be as sketch.

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    Protest and billy goat. Maybe a Lhasa fat. But I love my protest and billy goat crushes

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    Rebuilding the 3+ ski quiver.

    I ended up ordering a Mantra 102 and a Baron. Not sure how I feel about that binding but the package deal price was absurd, so...

    Gonna debate the binding more when they arrive.

    So this winter it’s a Renegade STH 16 and a Mantra 102 (Baron for now, may order CAST instead)

    Still thinking of an MVP or a Hoji for a dedicated touring rig. And now that I have a Mantra 102 that can tour spring melt/freeze with traditional camber for firm entrances, the Hoji is screaming at me for touring real snow.

    This makes a lot of sense;
    -Renegade/STH 16 for storm days.
    -Mantra 102/Baron for daily duty and corn tours. (anyone want to trade a P18 for a Baron?)
    -Hoji/Beast for the real days.
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    if you like the ren then I'd be looking at hoji or gpo before mvp but that's just me maybe?

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    Just weighing in on the Hoji. I use the 2019 187 Hojis as a dedicated touring rig and have been really digging them. They dance that line between light weight enough to not wear you out, and substantial enough to ski well on most conditions (not so fun on bulletproof or coral reef). I recommend them, for sure. Plus the 2019s look really pretty with some G3 Ions on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaijin View Post
    ... Mantra .... Renegade
    Last year I had:
    BG with beast 16
    Black Damond carbon convert with Raider 14 (120mm, 1600g ski, 400g binding)

    If I go to hakuba for a longer time I would have added my QST 106 with shifts, but probably put inserts for Raider 14.
    A ski that's good when the snow is shit is nice to have but a light setup is something I would use 30-50% of the days I think. There's a lot of terrain to be ridden.

    Also for Hakuba, don't ski a ski without touring bindings. There is tons of terrain traps which you won't get out of if you can't skin out. It's not uncommon that people die that way in that area. It heard it even happened in the system of Hakuba 47, some guys got stuck when it got flat cuz of too much snow.

    BTW, I also had Protests but used them twice in a month, regretting it both days so I guess opinions differ and BG rules

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    I'd just go renegade/hoji/Raven all with shifts if tourability is key. I have a huge quiver, up to 15 skis that see the snow each year. If I had to limit it to 3. That's what I'd do. Might switch hoji for devestators if resort frequently got choppy and firm. Raven is a great touring ski. Handles pow really well for being narrow as it is. And renegades are simply the best

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