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After watching this video of his Celebration of Life last week I thought about sharing here but it didn't feel like the right thing to do. I'm still not sure it is, and anyone who feels it's not should please pm me and I'll nuke it. Some of the footage of he and his family really showed, to me, what an amazing skier, person and father he became. Never had the honor to meet him, but after listening to Tessa and the others it's an honor to put a few bucks in the fund for them. +++vibes+++ to all his friends and family.
No, it's exactly the right thing to do. It's on Youtube so is public and, presumably, there for the public to watch. There are many here who could in no way make the celebration of life for Dave but still would choose to celebrate his life. I, for one, appreciate your sharing this. This is a great tribute to aid in that. Thanks for putting it up, it's a great statement of a life well lived. RIP, Dave and all the best to his family and friends who are grieving him.