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    App for the hills - FATMAP

    I was introduced to this app last week in BC. It's pretty sweet! There may be similar or better ones out there, but I figured I would share.

    I'm using it with an android and no issues. Fast loads and no crashes.,normal

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    I really like it as well. I have recommended it to a guy on the heavenly gondola couple of weeks ago and he immediately downloaded it. Have used it in Tahoe a couple of weeks ago and suddenly it crashed and would not open until the next update. But since then everything is fine.
    I really do wish they had offline maps (w/o paying a monthly fee).

    Another app I really like for Europe is SnowHow Freeride.
    It doesn’t have 3d maps but they sure do have offline mode, avalanche bulletin integration and a more traditional map look.

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    YES! I've been using it all winter. Super helpful for planning and visualizing routes for ski touring. Surprised that it doesn't have more of a following.

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    I like it very much but the $ requirement for offline maps means I don't use it except for planning at home. There are plenty of free options like Polaris Navigation.
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