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    BD Helios for 2020?

    Have kinda ruled out Helios (105s or 95s) the past couple of years because my favored length is 177-180, and the 10cm gap between lengths just didnít make me feel great about them, despite hearing good things about them. Overheard a brief comment that they might be changing this for 19/20, but google searches havenít produced much. Anyone with info on next yearís BD line? Thanks!!

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    According to my catalog for next year, the lengths for the Helio 105 are 165, 175, 185. Helio 95 is 163, 173, 183. If you end up pursuing these skis, look for the thread about binding location. Seems like a lot of people (me included) are liking them mounted significantly back from the BC line.
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    185 does not ski long. Mount at -4 from bc line.

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