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    TR: Spearhead Glacier laps

    Powder season might be on its last legs but if so, nice legs!

    -2 in alpine with up to +5 with solar effect. South aspects trundling of course. N, NE and NW skied well. Even SE skied well earlier in the day

    Whistler Heli bumwiggling the Tremor Glacier

    Speaking of the Tremor Glacier that's an alarmingly large sag in the usual Spearhead Traverse track. Rather than increasing in depth as per usual over Feb- March, bridging is getting worse and slots are appearing in unusual spots.

    Onto the blower pow

    And oh year the evening before my brother in law and sister from California introduced me to the cultural wonders of the NCAA title game while we destroyed quadruple overhead Billy Miners Pie
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    Would love to go for Tremor Glacier for skiing and here love to read best points to stay overnight. Any suggestion? Share all and let me add something on my hit list.

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