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    Quote Originally Posted by ill-advised strategy View Post
    One of my proudest moments was when I finally felt decent enough about myself and my writing to write our shaman....and when he responded kindly.

    steve casimiro • adventure journal

    December 22, 2014 at 8:32 PM
    You've provided a great deal of useful guidance to many of us. I thought I'd mention that your 12/93 intro about that beautiful moment of silence deep in a road trip resonated so much with me that I cut it out and saved it, and pinned it to my walls in Crested Butte and Taos, Salt Lake and Washington...I would read it before wildland fire season with the anticipation of getting into a Forest Service truck with my friends and heading off to some adventure. And when the time came to rework my life, to scratch out some kind of living with a failing body and a ski bum's shitty resume in a failing economy, I thought about those magic moments on the road and I started driving trucks for a living. When I was rolling along in a Freightliner through summer nights in Indiana digging winding paths through my mind and my memories I thought of your words. Now, I drive a bus along the highway past our little ski hill to our little airport here in my Upper Michigan hometown and mostly it's full of loud stupid chattering idiots, but every now and then the world sits silent and the chaos falls away in the darkness of early morning with the big diesel gently thumping and I'm in that moment again.



    Dude. I've been holding everything digital at arm's length throughout the holidays and now that I'm coming back to the world of email I have to say that I'm still blown away by your note. It's shocking to me that something I write could touch someone in such a profound manner, and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you've shared this. Please believe me when I say it's something I will save forever.

    That is just beautiful... That guy caused me to quit a good job, dump my personal crap at Ma's and drive my shitbox Bronco II west for the winter.

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    Targhee should be on the list. I have seen Geordie out helping park cars on busy days and he rips around on his tele setup quite a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleskier View Post
    So I just read thru this thread from last to first, and didn't see any mention of Bogus Basin. It's a non-profit community based organization. For years, it was ran by a group who may not have been shitheads personally, but they didn't know shit about how to run a mountain resort. The current management has come in and turned that all around. They are doing what many of us have been saying needed done for years. So kudos to them. Again, I don't know any of the new management personally, but they are doing a great job of running the place now.

    I've spent some time over around Soldier Mountain, mainly hitting the backcountry. I've met the owners and they seem like real down-to-earth people. It's tough to run a little resort like that, and IMO it was built on the wrong part of the mountain, (base is to low), but they do a good job, are friendly and cultivate a nice atmosphere.
    Yep, I read throught this thread too and didn't see mention of Bogus Basin either. Definitely not run by shitheads for the most part and most of the "senior" management up there has certainly changed the direction of the mountain.
    The General Manager is doing a great job of promoting the ski area, and is quite approachable, and actually skis so we do have that going. However, I do think that he struggles sometimes with the image that Bogus Basin has historically had and how i personally view how the mountain operations manager sees the future of the mountain. I can tell you that the Mountain Operations manager is kind of stuck in Boise County mode and seemingly wants to kind of keep it that way while the rest of the mountain wants to move forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark AT View Post
    Mt. Rose
    I won't call the owner a shithead, but closing The Chutes for the entire month of April with the snowpack we have is certainly a shithead move.
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    I would like to concur on Anthony Lakes

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    Places left to ski that aren't owned by shitheads

    Quote Originally Posted by powpig View Post
    I won't call the owner a shithead, but closing The Chutes for the entire month of April with the snowpack we have is certainly a shithead move.
    Wetslides and giant roller balls might be what they are trying to avoid. Hasn't really been a hard freeze night in a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcski View Post
    Wetslides and giant roller balls might be what they are trying to avoid. Hasn't really been a hard freeze night in a while
    And with that snowpack the wet slides would likely be devastating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesj View Post
    Perhaps I was mistaken about the ownership. Haven't seen the reality TV show yet. Will check it out. It is an anachronism and independent, big for the middle, raw, cheap, and far from everything and everyone.
    I killed an hour or so flipping through Boho Tv and itís a solid low budget effort and the vibe is fun. I would have loved to hang out there during my younger days, folks are having fun , getting turns in, and making the best of what they have. Solid.

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    Pretty much all the ski hills in Alaska are owned by a club or city.

    Eaglecrest - City owned a large percentage of the city wide sales tax goes to buying explosives for ski patrol
    Eyak - City owned? Open when it snows.. From what I can tell there will be an announcement on facebook "hey it snowed last night the big hill is open at noon"
    Arctic Valley - Owned by the Anchorage Ski Club, actually has employees now
    Skiland- Privately owned, by someone who uses northern lights viewing tours to subsidize ski operations, gives every UAF student a free season pass

    Hilltop- doesn't count

    I hope the Pomeroy corp that bought Alyeska is benevolent and has deep pockets. JB was so bad I was hoping vail would buy the place.

    So Alaska, not terrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raisingarizona13 View Post
    And with that snowpack the wet slides would likely be devastating.
    Hard freeze last night; chutes open currently.

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