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    Quote Originally Posted by Angle Parking View Post
    German Shepard?
    Rottweiler/shepherd mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacolac View Post
    Maybe I should go there. What shop was that?

    My OCD got the better of me and I bought a true bar. Every pair of my skis and my wives skis are concave to some degree, except for my beat to shit, delamming, old Lhasa Pows which are 100% flat from tip to tail. Imagine that.
    A lot of locals in Whistler use Profile Ski & Snowboard Services. They're upstairs in a warehouse by Sabre Rentals / Riverside RV Park. There's a small sign and they ski/board during the day and work at night.
    If you have a problem & think that someone else is going to solve it for you then you have two problems.

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