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    Yurp 2019 : Another Survey

    This was a trip of a lifetime, checking off 4 descents in the Alps I had wanted for years:
    0) The Madrisa/Switzerland to Gargellen/Austria and back tour.
    1) The Val Roseg descent from the top of the Corvatsch, St. Moritz.
    2) Val Bever descent from Corviglia, St. Moritz
    3) The Oberalpstock tour from Disentis, Switzerland.

    Not everything was perfect. I got a wretched flu and some of the people I had invited didn't
    get to do everything they wanted, so there were shadows. But as a realist, it was tops. My apologies
    to those of you who did not get to do the stuff you wanted. If we plan better next time, goals
    will be achieved.

    A highlight was staying at a small Swiss hotel, , meeting new, abundant
    people and skiing around a classic interconnected ski complex in excellent conditions.

    Landing Zurich
    On landing at Amsterdams Schipol, I knew something wasn't right, not just the usual transatlantic blear,
    but odd chills and fever. Texting my pal Subtle Plague, I warned him that I may have a cold or flu and
    may be infectious. He dismissed any concerns, citing their own little germ trawler as being of greater
    potential for flus or colds and nobly insisted we meet.

    So, after nearly missing the connection to ZRH due to customs clogging at Schipol, I boarded the flight
    to Zurich, dozed some more in that jetlag timewarp and embarked on the train for Konstanz from ZRH.

    Konstanz, Subtle Plague
    Subtle Plague met me at the train station and ferried me to his house to meet his family and set me up
    for a nap before we headed out to the Gotthard zones. I considered just taking a hotel and convalescing
    but hope sprang eternal in my skiersoul, so next morning we headed out on the Swiss highways to the
    Gotthard tunnel and Airolo.


    It was over twenty years ago that I landed in Geneva and contracted a cold and rather than taking it easy,
    jumped into skiing around La Grave, Serre Chevalier, Puy St. Vincent and the Milky Way. But by the 6th
    day or so, while skiing at Val Thorens, I knew something was seriously wrong. I shortly spiraled into
    fill blown pneumonia, eventually requiring IV antibiotics on returning to the US.


    So this time, I was going to be smarter and on arriving at Airolo, despite the pow and sunshine, I
    deferred on the skiing and snoozed in Subtle Plagues RV. I took solace in the fact that one of the more
    widely read ski weather forecasters had explicitly directed his followers to Airolo, resulting in crowding
    and pow frenzy that chewed up the snow at what is normally a low key area. Such is the internet.

    At days end, we drove up a nearby valley and camped out for what ended up being one of the most fevered
    nights I'd ever had. My throat burned on every swallow and my head throbbed with a thundersome sinus
    headache resulting in little sleep. So once again, skiing that day was not for me. Subtle Plague was a
    prince about it all, understanding and left me to me convalescing.

    Konstanz Again
    At days end after Subtle and buddies had enjoyed a powdery tour, we rolled back to Konstanz in the RV.
    Konstanz is a beautiful town, with it's older buildings and neighborhoods having escaped some of the
    ravages of WWII by virtue of being on the Swiss border and thereby not targetted by bombing raids. I
    knew that Subtle and family had a busy Monday morning ahead of them so after sleeping Saturday night and
    being feasted and feted by their hospitality, I trundeled off in a train headed to St. Anton Sunday

    St. Anton, Haus Elisabeth, Arlberg Guides, Verwall, Hinterrendl
    I had initially planned to roll out East to the Gasteinertal and ski that zone, but the flu caused to me
    to reevaluate that plan. I wrote the wonderful folks at and cancelled
    my room there and dredged around for another option in St. Anton when I found which fit
    my requirements of being reasonably close to the train station. So I booked a room there. It proved to
    be an excellent choice with a superb breakfast and quiet spot to finish this flu. I again chose not to
    ski the first day, but with a suggestion from the host, Berthe, found a doctor to check me out and write
    a script for the antibiotics I knew I'd need after this flu. I walked around the village in a howler
    snowstorm, got a good sleep and readied myself for the first turns of the trip.

    St. Anton is HUGE and I not knowing it at all, I opted to try to find some guided options. The best deal
    I found was with the who offered a guided group option for 97Euros. This turned
    out not only a great option, but fortuitous as well by virtue of meeting Sebastyn.

    The lift system is staggering with a base terminal at the Galzigbahn looking like a spaceship.

    The day broke blue and crowds were massive with enormous lines at the Galzigbahn. Our guide circumnavigated
    that queue, opting for the Gampenbahn chair for a checkout run before taking us down into Schöngraben for
    some quality pow.

    Next up, we rode up into the Galzig zone, hoping to get up into the Schindlerspitz. But due to avalanche
    levels being up to 4, both the Schindlergrabahn and the Valuga were closed. On traversing out towards the
    Arlberg Pass, we could see a gargantuan liftline at the Arlenmaderbahn, so we took a high traverse to access
    the Albonabahn II.
    View from AlbonabahnII

    After a few laps down that we skied the North face down into Stuben and used the old
    Albonabahn chair to get back to the Albonabahn II and started down into a beautiful valley ending the day
    in Verwall with beer and local game charcuterie.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************
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    I found a sign for a museum that turned out to be a beautiful old chalet that was a combination ski
    museum and restaurant, so I went in for a light dinner.

    Karl Schranz's Kneissl white stars

    Next day, another storm had moved in, so I elected to repeat with Arlberg Guides and again skied with
    Sebastyn, a sharp wit and keen skier who had grown up skiing in the Arlberg. We had a different guide who,
    after a warm up on the Gampenbahn, took us over to the North facing Rendelbahn zone. After riding several
    lifts we dropped over into Hinterrendl, a spectacular bowl of excellent powder with views obscured by storm.

    Old door in St. Anton

    The day after, it was still storming but I wanted to have a little more free reign, so I elected to skip
    the Arlberg Guides. I had also moved hotels to the which was a bit East of
    the town center and closer to the Nassereinbahn where I started the day. Lo and behold, there was Sebastyn
    who kindly offered to ski with me that day. After a couple of runs, we hooked up with his friend Victoria
    and spent a few laps skiing the powder in what I'll call the Galzig Gullies near the Osthangbahn chair. It
    was light, thigh deep snow in among the trees with decent visibility. After a bit, Vicki suggested that we
    meet up with her boyfriend Yannick who was to get off guide duty at noon, so we skied back down to the
    Nasserein base. Yannick got off and suggested another lap down the powder in Schöngraben. While chatted on
    the lifts as we sampled snow over in the Galzig zone, we found that Victoria's mom is Berthe who manages
    Haus Elisabeth. The Freakwhency strikes again! We ended the day with beer and wienerschitzer at the Krazy
    Kangaroo around 3:00. A big thanks to Seb, Vicki and Yannick!

    View from Hotel Kirchplatz

    Old Klosters chalet

    The next day, Friday, was my last day in the Arlberg and it was forecast to dump with rising freezing levels.
    Sebastyn had to head back to school, so I decided just to roll solo around the Galzig Gullies and whatever
    else was visible. This proved to be not much. The day started with spooky snow fractures in the trees around
    the gullies, but failed to actually slide on the ski cuts I put in. So I raged solo mad laps mostly on the
    Galzigbahn until about 1:00 when it started to rain at the bottom. By 2:00 I was soaked, so I headed back to
    the Hotel Kirchplatz to wash and dry stuff. It's a great hotel with a sauna, wellness spa and free washer
    and dryer which I sorely needed. By 3:30 I was at the bahnhof and by 4:00, rolling to Klosters.

    I can see why the Arlberg is so popular: it's massive and gets a lot of snow. At the same time, it's crowded
    and lots of the businesses in town are jaded by tourists. I was extremely lucky to hook up with Sebastyn,
    Victoria and Yannick who were incredibly warm and abundant and convinced me that my aversion to St. Anton as
    an instance of a megaresort, was ill founded. I'll be back.
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    Klosters, Hotel Wynegg, bw_wp_hedonism, Gargellan, St. Antonien
    After a 3.5 hour jaunt on Austrian and Swiss trains, I stepped onto the platform in Klosters Platz, right next
    to the soaring Gotschnabahn tram. I had been in touch with bw_wp_hedonism who had generously offered to
    meet up. I had also dug around for a reasonbly priced room, a somewhat rare beast in Klosters and had stumbled
    across , a recently revamped old hotel which was establishing itself as a haute gourmando
    locus. So I booked a room there, a 10 minute walk from the bahnhof. bw_wp_hedonism pinged me via whatsapp and
    turned up in the hotel bar. We made plans for the next day to poke around Parsenn, one of 5 enormous lift
    systems in the Davos/Klosters complex.

    I was a little late and with blue sky and fresh pow, the lines at the Gotschnabahn were significant.
    bw_wp_hedonism had waited and we ran into his buddy Tom and were off. We raged all over the Parsenn, up to the
    summit via the Furka lifts and then the Gipfelbahn where we found sweet deep untracked snow on a variety of
    North facing exposures.

    View from Schiferbahn gondola

    The area is laced with dozens of groomers that keep lots of tourists busy and provided
    access to innumerable wads of excellent off piste options. After a couple of laps on the Schiferbahn in
    excellent pow, we met with a bunch of bw_wp_hedonisms friends at the midmountain near the base of
    the Furka lift for lunch. After a lengthy lunch we made a few more sidecountry laps by taking bootpacks
    and traverses off the Totalp zone, eventually making apres ski at Berghaus Schifer.

    View from midmountain Parsenn, untapped offpiste above

    I rolled back to the Wynegg for a shower and nap before taking a table in the restaurant at 8:30.

    The food was superb, starting with an excellent salad, I ordered a soup that was celestial: a foamed saffron
    broth and perfectly poached prawns. The wine list was fantastic with a crisp chardonnay and an excellent
    local, rich pinot noir by the glass. I finished with the specialty pizokel noodle and lamb in a deliciously deft
    creamed curry sauce. I zonked out by 22:00.

    bw_wp_hedonism had referred to doing a tour I had eyeballed for years, one that went over a little pass above
    the Madrisa area over into the Voralberg and the Gargellen ski area, then back over to Switzerland and the tiny
    medieval town of St. Antonien.
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    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************
    On waking, we texted back and forth making plans to meet at the top of the Madrisabahn and head out. And so we
    did. It was amazing with an easy, gently ascending skin S/SE from the top of the Schaffugli lift to the
    Schlappiner Joch and the border with Austria.

    Looking south from Madrisa

    On the skintrack to Schlappiner Joch. Schlappiner where?

    At Schlappiner Joch.
    Schlappiner ? I barely know her.

    The ski down from there was on beautiful sparsely tracked North facing steep slopes with a long and easy run
    out down to Gargellen where we had to stop in at the base of the gondola to get single ride passes back up to
    the top of the Kristelbahn and a slightly more significant climb up to the Sankt Antonier Joch.

    Climbing back to Switzerland:

    From there. it was a West/Northwest facing series of virgin pow lines draining
    down into a creek gully which fed us out onto a road requiring the canonical walk in ski boots down into the
    atmospheric town of St. Antonien clustered around a spike steepled church dated 1492. There we enjoyed beer
    and charcuterie until the bus came and we wound around curves connecting ancient villages down to the train
    station at Kublis.

    video link: warning: old man skiing powder

    Coming into St. Antonien

    St. Antonien:

    At the Kublis bahnhof, I thanked bw_wp_hedonism and pal Tom for their gracious abundance, I had had an amazing
    time around Davos, again, more data that eroded my reluctance to ski at the more reknown areas.

    I rallied back to Klosters and the Hotel Wynegg, extending my sincere thanks to Cedric and all the folks who
    run an incredibly warm and tasteful hotel to which I hope to return. Grabbing my clothes and gear, I hopped
    the train for Rueras, Switzerland to meet up with the motley band of maggots at

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **********
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    on the banks of Fish Creek
    Is it just me or did none of those photos post?

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    Rueras, MtLodge
    The train actually ended in Disentis with the last leg of the trip to Rueras in the trusty Swiss postbus which
    kindly dropped me at the very door to the hotel. There I met the owner, Michele, an effusive and warm persona
    who set me up with a sweet room and delicious food and drink. He had also queued up a number of routes and tours
    that I had ogled for years. But first, sleep. It was dumping.

    Morning brought delicious coffee and the classic Euro breakfast spread while making plans with all the k00ks
    who had rendezvoused at . With fairly heavy snow coming down, we decided to ride lifts
    from Dieni, a 10 minute walk from the hotel, over towards Andermatt and see how far we got. The forecast 5-10 cm
    turned out to be more like 20-30 cm and deeper in the wind loaded places. At Dieni, we made 1 lap before
    heading up and over into Val-Val where we kind of got stuck lapping a sweet stash of pow at least 4 times before
    punching it further West into the Oberalppass zone and ripping lines of powder varying from boot top to waist
    deep until lunch was called at the hutte there.

    When Mr. Mike and I tried to share a charcuterie board, the waiter either misunderstood or was taking the tourists for
    a ride, yelling "YOU ORDER, I MAKE" as we tried to clarify we only wanted 1 order.

    Afternoon brought a few more laps on the Schneehuenderstck gondy before we started making
    our way back towards Dieni where again we spun run after run of virgin pow turns, finally some of us throwing in
    the towel at 3:00 after milking one more untracked zone. We took the sled run all the way back to Rueras and
    mt-lodge for drinks and a delicious dinner. More of the maggot crew had arrived.

    Ron Funk, note the cool red wine.


    Next morning Tuesday, most of the fistful had targetted Andermatt, so we took the early train over and ramped
    and raged off the Gemsstock tram. Skiing the West couloirs first thing proved to be not such a good idea for some.
    After a warm up, a few of us went out to ski the Giraffe which only had about 15 tracks in it. We returned to it
    again later to find only 30 or so tracks. After a few more front side runs, the whole fistful took the Guspis down
    to Hospental which had wide swaths of uncut snow and the usual stunning scenery, ending with beer and dried meats
    at the Gotthard Haus before a train ride back to Rueras.

    Guspis at 4:00 pm

    Skiing into Hospental

    Next day, Wednesday, the host with the most, Michele at mt-lodge, had arranged enough transport for us to go over
    to St. Moritz via the Julier Pass and Bivio.

    Once at Corvatsch, the highest ski area in St. Moritz, we met Michele's buddy Matteo who took us first down the
    Northwest couloir to ski acres of stunning pow, then over to Val Roseg past Piz Roseg and the Morteratsch Gletscher
    and down to lunch at Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher.

    This was awesome.

    Lunch of cream of asparagus soup with prawn at Hotel Restaurant Roseg Gletscher. Ron Funk, note the cool red wine.

    Icefall off back of Piz Roseg

    Piz Roseg

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************

    Then an ugly 37 minute long pole and skate out to Pontresina to catch the bus over to Corviglia where we
    took the 2 stage funicular and a chair ride. Then a little traverse and bootpack to drop into Val Bever with hectares
    of uncut, Northeast facing powder skiing. The day ended at Gasthaus Spinas with beer and another series of train
    and bus rides back to pizza in Celerina.

    Funicular tracks at Corviglia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster Highmen View Post
    Sometimes they link, sometimes they don't.
    Here's the list of images.
    If one loads them into the browser cache by clicking on them, then they will appear above.
    you sure imgur settings allow embed? I am getting a 403 error on all.

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    Dropping into Val Bever

    Thursday, the morning destination was Disentis, a 5 minute train ride to Acla da Fontauna and a short walk up to
    the tram.It was a gorgeous bluebird day with evidence of the suns heat on some of the south facing slopes. After a
    warm up, we took a short skin up to one of the entries to Val Strem to the West. With a little downclimb from the
    col into a couloir, we were set for a few thousand vertical of Northwest facing pow surrounded by rock and ice. We
    skied out to the train at Sedrun and hopped it, going West pver to Andermatt to meet with another portion of the
    crew. The afternoon was spent mostly skiing in the main bowl under the upper Gemsstock and finishing with a lap
    out into the Felsental where we continued to find good soft lightly tracked powder.

    Val Strem entrance couloir

    Norseman smoking up the Val Strem pow

    Val Strem from the bottom

    L2r: carvehard, buster, triungulate, mofro261, alias rice, norseman, the king tut of pow


    ************************************************** ************************************************** *************************
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    I'm seeing them on the app

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    I can't see or load any images.

    I agree it is a constitutional right for Americans to be assholes...its just too bad that so many take the opportunity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by abraham View Post
    I'm seeing them on the app
    Same here.

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    Nice post, thanks for thinking the time.

    Btw, the photos show on my phone.

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    Great Job Bruce... after all this skiing you need some vacation!!! Miss the TGR crew already

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    From IMGUR:

    Hi Chester Tartsnatcher,

    Thanks for writing. Unfortunately that site has been blocked from hotlinking due to abuse of Imgur's terms of service ( Imgur's ToS prohibits using Imgur on sites with classifieds sections as this constitutes commercial usage.

    We recommend using Imgur's embed unit instead of hotlinking. More information about the embed links can be found here:

    So try this:

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    This code doesn't seem to be enabled in our forum code, so I guess we can't use imgur as a site from which to link.
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    Dear Mr. Highmen,

    Thanks for your continued stoke leadership. Really enjoying your reports, and the details you provide make a ski trip to the Alps move from "maybe some day" to a "stupid if you don't" for me. Really, thanks.

    FWIW, I've read this one twice just to spite imgur!


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    Pics showing on web now...

    well done, buster!
    thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks. Must go there while I can still ski Check em out!

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    Friday, the last day at Rueras, we had planned to do the Oberalpstock, a well known descent of over 2000 meters,
    and one I had lusted after for a decade. North facing down into the Maderanertal valley. Michele had arranged for guides,
    some Italian friends of his and we were off to start at 8:30 on the early Disentis tram. The original plan had been
    for the group of 17 to split into 2 groups, one to do the Oberalpstock, which has some technical parts, and the other
    group to take a more mellow tour down into Val Strem. Unfortunately, our guides were not comfortable with splitting
    the group, so some of us decided to not take the tour and instead ski pistes at Disentis.

    The climb involved a fairly easy skin to start with then a bit of a traverse to a via ferrata that climbs a rocky
    section and leads onto another traverse followed by a short downhill section. I am notoriously slow on the skin track,
    so by the time we skied the short downhill section and started another longer climb, I was far behind the main group.

    At one point the skin track split with one variation going to the climbers left and up to the summit of the
    Oberalpstock itself. The right branch took a mellower ascent to a shoulder where the actual skiing down the North
    side began. I was convinced the group had headed up the summit and I was lagging, so I headed up intent on catching up
    with the rest of the group. But in fact, they had taken the mellower right branch and were waiting for me there. Hell
    bent on summiting, I argued in broken English with the guide, Rosso who relented and accompanied me to the summit
    where to my surprise there were no other members of the group. So I skied down mashed potato snow from the south
    facing summit and sidestepped to catch the group.

    Oberalpstock traverse before via ferrata

    Climbing the via ferrata

    Oberalpstock summit selfie

    View across first portion of Oberalpstock after via ferrata

    View from the Oberalpstock summit

    Looking down into Maderanertal 2400 vertical meters below, Bristen is at 770 meters

    Skiing down the Oberalpstock

    The Oberalpstock is enormous and despite a lot of tracks, we found sections of uncut, consistent steep pitches rolling
    North into the Maderanertal of vertical drop around 2200 meters. One section near the bottom was hard ice and the guides
    set up ropes to help control that section.

    Eventually we skied corn in an avalanche chute down into a cow pasture. It was an alltime route appropriate to end the trip.

    Walking along the Maderanertal just above Bristen

    Special thanks to Michele for organizing the trips to St. Moritz, the Oberalpstock and providing warm, abundant
    hospitality at . Also thanks to my ski fiend pals Subtle Plague, bw_wp_hedonism and all the
    maggot k00ks who showed up to sample skiing in the Swiss Alps.

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    Thanks to the people:
    vendul (Michele, Serena at ) for going way beyond the third bardo in hosting us. Awesome hospitality! Bever, Morteratsch and Oberalpstock were lifetime goals!
    subtle plague, for picking me up and tolerating my illness and convalescence.
    @yannickrumler for touring me around St. Anton , works for
    bw_wp_hedonism and buddy Tom for blowing my mind around Davos and in particular the killer tour to Gargellen from Madrisa and back to St. Antonien; another lifetime goal!
    all you kooks who took the chance to ski Switzerland
    birdo / for offering guiding, sorry, I didn't get a consensus.
    matteo for showing us around St. Moritz,
    Andrea, Rosso and Ari (?) for the guiding on the Oberalpstock.

    Resources: for a great base to ski around the SkiArena/Disentis/Andermatt . for being gracious about my cancellation; it's a super little hotel for Bad Gastein for being a comfortable, quiet place close to the center of St. Anton a great hotel with sauna, spa and free washer/dryer in St. Anton . reasonably priced guiding in St. Anton for reasonable lodging and celestial food in Klosters Swiss train route finder Austrian train route finder

    DpsSkis for providing a great plank for touring and skiing off piste; I should have been a dentist
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    Awesome TR Buster. Truly impressed with your travel savvy as well as your amazing ability to spell all these weird Austrian/Swiss names and places that have way too many consonants and vowels in strange places. Kudos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond Joe View Post
    Awesome TR Buster. Truly impressed with your travel savvy as well as your amazing ability to spell all these weird Austrian/Swiss names and places that have way too many consonants and vowels in strange places. Kudos!
    Cut and paste: it's a wonderful thing!
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    Great stuff. Thanks

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    Classic Survey, great to have it work out so well.

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    OG TR right there!! Chapeau!
    #1 goal this year......stay alive +

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    Well done TR! A blast from the past. I miss these. They definitely take you away from your desk for a while and feed the dream! Miss that from the old skook TGR. Well played!

    Love my some Yurp stoke! Too bad you didn't know about H-man in St. Anton, although looks like you fared ok as is. Can't wait to get back across the pond.
    He who has the most fun wins!

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