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    All things InReach

    I just got my mini and am setting it up. This is a good resource for getting going

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    Just got an Inreach Mini this year and have about twenty days of use on it. Here is one of the better reviews I liked"

    I am a regular backcountry skier who often travels alone. I am often out of cell contact, so my lovely wife appreciates getting one of my unlimited preset messages saying that I am off the mountain and back at the car. I also work in remote sites and the daily preset saying that I am alive and fine is appreciated. I chose the cheapest plan ($12/Month) and have not experienced any problems with the service. (WARNING: If you choose the annual contract instead of the Freedom plan, you are locked in for 12 months. They don't care if you lose your Inreach or change your mind) Read the rules before you choose.

    I am experiencing a problem that I have not posted on the Garmin Forum:
    or discussed with tech support. I would like to see if any of have the same problem

    I send a preset message when I am starting into the mountains. When I hit sent I get a message that the GPS reception is not good and it will wait to send my message until it has a good GPS fix to send with my message. If I just head into the mountains it takes between 10 and 15 minutes before it sends my message. There is an option to send message without a good GPS fix and if I hit that my message sends in a minute or two. After that initial problem my messages send every time with a good fix.
    I have tried turning it on during the drive up with no change.
    I have checked GPS satellite availability with another Garmin GPS and lots of birds available.
    Anyone find a workaround?

    All my Inreach messages have worked with no misses or delays, this thing works.
    I have not tried sending a message in a poor site (bottom of a tight canyon), but will try it soon. I suppose that the kayak community would know that answer. Den

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    Before you leave go to utilities and then send test message. It's free and makes sure the thing works. I do this then start up the skin track. I don't get a response for like 15 minutes or more which kind of freaks me out. I am under a tree canopy. Normal?

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    Not my story, but I read this story on a FB group page:

    On Saturday I did something I hoped I would never have to do Ė I initiated an SOS from my InReach (for another party in distress that I came across in the aftermath of an avalanche).
    I don't know if the 5 to 10 minutes that I wasted faffing around with the InReach would have saved the victim's life. Probably not, but I will never know. All I can do is learn from this experience and share it so hopefully, others can learn from my mistakes. (I know this might sound like rookie stuff - I've been touring for over 10 years and I've had the InReach in my pack for every tour for the past 2 years Ė I just never thought of these things until the time actually came.)
    1. Check and test your equipment before every trip.
    I checked that my InReach battery was good before leaving, but what I didnít realize was that at some point since I had last used it, my InReach and my phone had unpaired. This left me texting on the InReach directly instead of my phone - which would be difficult under the best of circumstances, let alone under duress. I should have checked they were still paired before I left, as I would have been able to message with SAR way more quickly this way.
    2. Know how to initiate a response and be familiar with your equipment (know what it looks like when you do trigger an SOS).
    I spent a few minutes faffing about with the InReach before I actually properly triggered the SOS. Initially, in the panic of the situation, I didnít realize I had to hold the SOS button down for 5 second Ė I just pulled the safety and hit the button then turned my attention to the situation. When I looked back at it, I didnít see any response or anything for SAR, so I tried again. Once it initiated the responders were communicating with me within a minute and it was very obvious that the device was functioning in an emergency state (flashing red, making a lot of noise)- I just didn't know what to expect and failed to initiate the SOS initially. While you can't practice this part, there are probably some good videos online you can watch about what it looks like so you know what to expect.
    3. A two way communication device is necessary!
    Being able to communicate details to SAR about numbers involved and location were key to a quick response. Afterwards, the SAR responders said the information I was able to send them was key in their response, getting the victim off-scene in the hour left of daylight we had left.
    4. Make sure your emergency contacts know they are you contacts and what your InReach is (in the case of older parents, which was my case - I had explained to my parents the morning I left what the InReach was, even though I had it for years). If you initiate SOS for somebody else, message your contacts as soon as you can to let them know what is going on. This will keep down the amount of phone traffic that SAR has to deal with, if your contacts know you are safe and are initiating for somebody else (Once again, SAR said this was important as it was less for them to deal with and streamlined their response).
    Note that this event did not happen on the South Coast -however, I feel that this is applicable to anybody who plays outside. From my understanding the victimís family has not yet been notified, however, details of the incident will likely be made public within the next few days. My thoughts are with the victim's friends and family.
    Let's all be safe out there and look out for one another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhyatt View Post
    Before you leave go to utilities and then send test message. It's free and makes sure the thing works. I do this then start up the skin track. I don't get a response for like 15 minutes or more which kind of freaks me out. Normal?
    Sounds very similar to the problem I have with my first message. Have you tried sending more tests later in the day to see how fast they work? Den

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