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Thread: On Kiroro

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    Talking On Kiroro

    I've been a fan of TGR and these forums for a long time. They have become my first stop for beta, stoke, or general jong-baggery - they are great. The one thing that I always struggle with is whenever I'm looking for info on a specific place. For places like Jackson or SLC there is so much info that anything I need can be quickly gleaned from the dozens of threads. But for the smaller places or less "important" it can be a chore to find.

    So in a attempt to help others that might be in the position that i'm in, here is a thread about Kiroro. Just some stoke - trip report, but hopefully it'll grow to be the repository for a successful trip to a killer place. Cheers!

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    I'll start you off with some general 'jong-baggery'


    I've been posting pics, vids & words about Kiroro to anyone who's wanted to listen since 2008.

    There's a wealth of information out there.

    And yes it is a killer place

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