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    Anchorage man killed in avalanche on the Kenai Peninsula

    The nightmare:

    ADN - An Anchorage man was killed in an avalanche Saturday on the Kenai Peninsula, the Alaska State Troopers said.

    Jeffery Cheng, 33, was backcountry skiing with two friends in the area of the Crescent Lake Saddle Cabin when Cheng was “overtaken by an avalanche,” about a quarter mile east of the cabin, according to troopers.

    Bryce Fischer, 27, of Anchorage and Cody Lourie, 33, of Anchorage, “recovered Cheng from 6 ft of snow cover and performed CPR for 30 minutes,” troopers wrote.

    Fischer traveled back to the trailhead by snowboard find cell service and call for help, the dispatch said.

    Troopers, emergency responders from Moose Pass and U.S. Forest Service used snowmachines to get to the remote site.

    The Crescent Saddle Cabin is located southwest of Moose Pass. To access it, people travel about 7 miles up the Carter Lake Trailhead at milepost 34 of the Seward Highway, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

    Cheng’s body was taken to Kenai Peninsula Memorial Hospital. His family has been notified.


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    Nightmare indeed. Fuck. RIP
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    I think I knew him. Iím so bad with names. fucking sucks. Crescent lake is such a badass spot.
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    A few of my friends knew him. The world is shockingly small. RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DtEW View Post
    A few of my friends knew him. The world is shockingly small. RIP.
    Same. A buddy who lives in Oakland mentioned skiing with him a bunch in the last ten or so years, but I didn't recognize the name at first. And then a couple of old friends from when I worked at REI (San Jose) in college mentioned him in context, and I realized I knew him from work 13 years ago. We overlapped for a few months before I left that job to attend grad school. Pretty sure I climbed with him at the gym a couple of times. Remember him as a nice guy who was always smiling.

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