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    ^^ That's a good description of the Wren 108. Sounds like the Woodsman will just be a lot more versatile without giving up charge-ability.

    Quote Originally Posted by toast2266 View Post
    I wouldn't say I found the speed limit, but I did find the tails of the kartel 108 to wash out really easily. They didn't want to hold a clean arc through cut up snow. That's not an issue I have on my Bibby's or a few other skis with similar shapes / intentions. So yeah, wasn't a fan of the k108.
    This is nice to hear. I didn't click at all with the K108's and had the same issues you describe, so I'm hoping the Wildcat 108 will be a bit more my style. Benefits of a lot of tail rocker but mounted a bit further back and can still be tip-driven to some degree.

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    I had extra stiff k108s and the ski didnít really have a speed limit, it was just the radius was a bit smaller than Iíd like and wouldnít let you arc big turns in variable like the older jeffrey110 could.

    Iím so excited for the woodsman!

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    Great post CallMeAl! Now I too wanna get me some Woodsmans! That will be for the quiver consolidation of 2021 though

    Or, should I not remount my K108s back two centimeters, sell them and get Woodsmans instead? Decisions, decision... I am thinking that -2 mounts for both my Kartel108s and 116s is the way to go now - to try em out, then I could replace them for Woodsmans for 2021 if they do not work out like I want them to.

    And yeah - Woodsmans do have more Wren'esque tail rocker lines, def less than Kartels. For sidecuts Kartel96/108s are ellipical up front, single radius out back - aka the hybrid sidecut - while Woodsman108s are bi-radius.

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    Really appreciate all the thoughtful responses to my question. Gives me some more clarity. If I hadnít sold out in the last couple of years to get better at riding switch and in the park, Iím sure Iíd be looking for a ski just like the woodsman.

    As it is, Iím happy enough on the kartel and not in need of a dozen skis in the 105-110 range like I am in the 115-120 range.
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