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    FYI...Brian Regan, Kingston NY. Sun. May 12

    Anyone traveling back to metropolis from VT and beyond Sunday May 12...

    Or, he's got a whole bunch of other dates and venues going on...

    "Some folks may have the luxury to hold out for “the perfect.” But a lot of Americans are hurting right now and they can’t wait for that." - Hillary Clinton

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    Holy cow this guy is as funny as ever! Great night. Catch him if you can.

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    Funny as hell and his stuff is clean, which is hard to do. I've seen him and listened to a lot of stuff on CDs a while back.
    What's the one thing you never, ever, ever, ever ask a woman?
    Are you pregnant?
    Well apparently I didn't have enough evers.

    I made that mistake and it was with my sister in law. I felt about 2" tall. What a douche.

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