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    Fred Miranda Question

    As a JONG over there Iím not to keen on whether scamming is something to really watch out for.

    On two for sale threads Iíve posted interest in Iíve received two PMs from different users who were not the OP claiming they have the same items in better condition for the same price as the OP.

    The one was definitely BS as it was a new account with 0 posts and bad english. The second is from a user that joined in 2008 and has great feedback and over 1000 posts.

    Just seems weird that people would pounce via PM instead of posting their own thread if their prices are that good.


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    My thought is that people are looking to sell their gear without having to pay the $15 fee to list it for sale... I'm not so sure about the new user, but that's my guess on the second member who has all the positive feedback. I've done it a few times, but I usually look for WTB ads, not people posting in existing FS threads with interest.

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    I've always had good luck on FM, but have only purchased stuff from users with a history.

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    I've been using FM for years. I have around 60 feedbacks from buying/selling there. Never had a bad experience. Everyone is usually very polite, and honest. That said, I'm sure there are crappy people lurking in all buy/sell forums so its worth using your best judgement and checking their feedback.

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    As above, I've been using FM for 10 years now on and off. The people are photo maggots. Real folks and decent. Bought and sold some my stuff via FM and every experience was good, but I didn't buy from zero post jongs speaking bad english. Even bought a magic drainpipe and it was damaged during shipping. Dude immediately refunded me everything and took up the matter with the USPS for the insurance. I did have a couple folks PM me when I showed interest just as you did, some even tried to undercut the price. I always took the high road and stuck with the OP.
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    also had good luck buying as a no post jong

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