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    UAC Feb 2019 Circleville avalanche deathincident report

    From the UAC - sledder first person account of being buried

    "Within a split second it was almost on top of me, and something told me to stand on my snowmobile and jump straight up. Split seconds later I was hit by a semi-truck and the force was so powerful it ripped my helmet off, then instantly engulfed me. The weight and the force was painful. As I was being covered something told me to reach my hand as high in the air that I could, and at that very same moment - I was buried! Now it was dark. It was disturbingly quiet. The pressure was intense - more than Iíve ever felt. I started to hyperventilate and couldnít really breath. I couldnít move, and I remember saying aloud, ďI am NOT going to die here today, pull yourself together Todd!"

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    I'm reading this in Kai's voice.
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    the situation strikes me as WAY too much drama at this point

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