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    Quote Originally Posted by acinpdx View Post
    How different is this than paying for an extra
    bag or overweight fee?

    Ski flyer JONGs wanna know
    I think his point was $10-$20 in tips can save you a lot more in baggage fees. Never used curbside check in with a ski bag personally.

    Another approach is to get there with enough time that you can say, "Oh, I'm happy to wait while we speak to a manager and get this sorted out. I have tons of time before my flight with really nothing else to do." (You don't have to have *tons* of time to say this, just enough time to wait for a manager.)
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    Curbside check in? Tips? Where do you people live? At airports with routine ski traffic neither of those happen.

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    Flying with skis is easy, and I have had good luck with united. Off-topic, it is crazy how differently skis and surfboards are treated. They charge like 200 bucks per surfboard each way. Most airlines don't even do it by the bag, they do it by the board; it doenst matter if you have 3 boards in a single bag < 50 lbs... 600 bucks each way.

    I love to mess with some of them. I pack 2 pairs of skis in my surf travel bag and watch their faces change to disappointment as they open my bag to see what multiple of $200 they can charge me, but instead can only charge me 25 bucks for heavier equipment in the same bag.

    I know they don't all suck, but it seems like some airlines have a real hatred for surfboards...

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    Quote Originally Posted by drstuess View Post
    Flying with skis is easy, and I have had good luck with united.
    The flying part is easy, it's the carrying part that sucks. Loaded to the max double ski bag plus maxed out carryon back pack maneuvering through a mobbed Geneva airport--on a Saturday-- from one end of the terminal to the other, trying to get around everyone else carrying skis, up a flight of stairs (wheels wouldn't have helped) , through more terminal, across a very large parking lot to the van.

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    Airlines are all over the place on baggage policies. United is f'ing strict with the 50 lbs though, 50.3 is overweight. American will let you slide up to 52.5. I think you could load a bag with lead weights and Southwest wouldn't care.

    The best advice though is just try to stay within the 50 lb limit so if you get called on it you can take little out and get the weight under. Also, it's been said many times but if you can do curbside check-in you're golden as long as you aren't way over, and it makes life so much easier to drop your shit and be done with it. I've been told the expected tip is $2/bag but since ski bags are a pain in the ass I never go less than $10 for 2 bags if it's ski gear, if I'm over or right on the weight limits I bump it to $20.

    I took the family to Whistler for a week a few years ago so of course we had enough luggage to go on a 6 month Antarctic expedition. Gave the curbside guy a $50 tip, when we landed in Vancouver they brought us our luggage on a separate cart before anyone else's got out and it had all kinds of VIP/Handle With Care stickers all over it. Take care of the people that can make the system work for you, and they will usually take good care of you.
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